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The Bella Twins aren’t returning to a WWE ring ‘any time soon’

Nikki and Brie Bella are two of the biggest women’s stars in the history of WWE.

I was reminded of their star power just two days ago when I was having lunch with a couple friends of mine who are over 70 years old. I surprised my friends by telling them that I blog about pro wrestling. In response, one of the first things they asked me was if the Bella Twins still wrestle. When I later asked them if they know who John Cena is, the blank look on their faces told me the answer was clearly “no.”

Okay, so one anecdote proves nothing, but the Bellas are clearly a big deal and they did break through to a mainstream audience with the success of the Total Divas reality show. A lot of fans would love to see a future return to the ring for Nikki and Brie, especially now that Women’s tag team titles exist in WWE.

A recent health update from Nikki put the kibosh on the rumors that their return was happening “pretty soon.” The twins talked about the situation in a little more detail on The Bellas Podcast. Here is the transcript, courtesy of F4WOnline:

Nikki: “There are no plans for Brie and I to return to the ring. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to return to the ring, as I am officially retired per our doctors. So yes, the day that we are going to be warming up, practicing, and maybe coming back, you, our Bellas Podcast listeners, will be the first to know.”

Brie: “Do we miss the ring? Absolutely. And we miss the WWE Universe, The Bella army out there, and we would love to get back to the ring one day. It’s just not any time soon.”

So for those of you who are hoping to see Brie and Nikki get back in the ring, you’re going to have wait quite a long time for it to happen, if it ever happens.

Are you bummed out by this latest update from the Bella Twins, Cagesiders?

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