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Edge wasn’t thrilled about going to Saudi Arabia and explains when we’ll see him again

Edge wrapped up his trilogy of matches against Seth Rollins two weeks ago with a victory at Crown Jewel inside Hell in a Cell.

The event is part of WWE’s disgusting long-term business relationship with the government of Saudi Arabia. The idea is to use these wrestling shows and other sporting events as a tool to soften the world’s image of their government and get people to look the other way on terrible things like, you know, state-sponsored murder of journalists.

Edge told The Kids on the Escalator podcast that he wasn’t thrilled with the idea of going to Saudi Arabia. Here’s how he described his reaction when WWE asked him to wrestle there, courtesy of POST Wrestling’s transcript:

“...they asked me about kind of blowing off the entire story in Saudi Arabia, I wasn’t too keen on going, I’ll be perfectly honest. But then as we talked and they said, ‘We need it there,’ I said, ‘Okay. Well let’s get [Jessika Carr to] ref there’ and not knowing how that — if we’d even be able to but I just love the idea of a woman being in control of two men in that country, and if it flew over a lot of heads, whatever but, for me, I can come back to my girls and tell them one day, ‘I went over there but, I think we did something pretty cool’ and again, she was just right there for everything, just not in any way overwhelmed by the moment, just stood up to the challenge. It was really cool to see.”

Edge was recently drafted to Raw but he has yet appear on WWE television since his story with Rollins ended at Crown Jewel. He is signed to a very lucrative contract with limited dates. Here’s what Edge said when asked about when we’ll see him again:

“I just wait for the next call when they [WWE] need me and then I show up and try and figure out what the next story is.”

Edge has wrestled every month from July through October, so it’s probably time for a break. When do you think WWE will call on the part-time star to return to action, Cagesiders?

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