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Bryan Danielson recreates controversial moment that got him fired from WWE

Daniel Bryan’s debut on the WWE main roster occurred in June 2010 in the well known angle where Wade Barrett invaded Raw with several NXT rookies and laid waste to John Cena, CM Punk, Jerry Lawler, the ring, and everything else in their path. As part of that chaotic scene, Daniel Bryan choked ring announcer Justin Roberts with his own neck tie after ripping his suit and shirt. Bryan was immediately fired from WWE for crossing the line with this violent image of strangulation. He returned to the promotion two months later at SummerSlam as a surprise partner alongside Bret Hart for Team Cena, as John Cena went on to bury the Nexus for good.

Fast forward to November 2021, and Bryan Danielson and Justin Roberts now both work for All Elite Wrestling. Danielson was tasked with sending the crowd home happy after last night’s (Nov. 3) Dynamite went off the air, and he did so by recreating the infamous tie choke that got him fired from WWE over a decade ago:

Given Danielson’s threat in the video above, I’m pretty sure Roberts won’t ever mistakenly use the name “Daniel Bryan” when announcing The American Dragon to the ring for AEW.

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