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Let’s check in on Kairi Sane

WWE Live Tokyo Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

When Kairi Sane returned to Japan in the summer of 2020, word was she’d be serving as a WWE ambassador in her home country.

It’s never been entirely clear what that role entailed. The company hasn’t had a live event in Japan because of the ongoing pandemic. Plans for a branch of their developmental system in the region (NXT Japan) never could get off the ground, and now figure to be scrapped altogether with the re-focusing of that program. And we recently learned WWE is losing their television deal in the country.

So what is their ambassador in the region doing? Opening her own 24 hour gym, of course!

Sane’s note indicates that opening PARA-FIT24 on Enoshima island in Shōnan region of Japan (roughly 30 miles southwest of Tokyo, along the coast of Sagami Bay) is her way of giving back to everyone that supported her as she climbed the ranks of professional wrestling.

Which seems like as good a thing as any for a WWE Ambassador to do in a country where WWE isn’t doing much business. It’s not like they’re letting her wrestle for her old joshi promotion (allegedly). Might as well set sail (see what I did there?) on a new venture.

Best of luck, Kairi!

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