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Kushida & Jiro get a team name, and their first tag matches

Since both men have issues with Diamond Mine, Kushida and Ikemen Jiro have formed an alliance on NXT 2.0. Is it also because WWE loves to pair up wrestlers who share an ethnicity or nationality? We’ll let you decide.

Last week, the duo dressed up like Diamond Mine’s Creed Brothers for Halloween (Havoc). In this week’s online exclusive clip embedded above, they’re still wearing the costumes, but they explain to McKenzie Mitchell they can cosplay any time they want. Mitchell wants them to come up with a name for their team. Kushida wants it to involve his love of all things Back To The Future. Jiro thinks they should reference the jackets he wrestles in - when he’s not cosplaying, of course. Mitchell has an idea, and the guys love it.

A lot of fans are making jokes about the name, which can be a little PG-13 if you split the first word in two and change it from the word for a garment to a euphemism for, well, you get it. Did WWE intend that? We’ll let you decide.

Either way, Jacket Time worked a tag match on last night’s 205 Live taping, and they’ll get a chance to face the Creeds on next Tuesday’s NXT.

That match is one of two announced for Nov. 9, along with a trios match between Toxic Attraction and Kacy Catanzaro, Kayden Carter & Io Shirai.

Will you schedule a little Jacket Time next Tuesday (sorry)?

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