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Kevin Owens plays everyone, gets added to WWE title match at Day 1


This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw opened with Seth Rollins announcing that he would be challenging Big E for the WWE championship at the upcoming Day 1 pay-per-view on Jan. 1, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was very happy about this. They had a nice graphic ready and everything.

When he went backstage, Kevin Owens, scheduled to wrestle Big E later in the evening, told him if he won that match, he would be added to the aforementioned title bout to make it a triple threat.

Rollins, incensed by this, went to Adam Pearce to demand answers. He was informed Owens had, in fact, lied to him. He left, pleased that he had nothing to worry about after all. Sonya Deville entered the picture and decided, actually, Owens, despite telling the lie, had a good idea.

So, later still, they went ahead and let Rollins know that Owens’ lie was now actually the truth because he would indeed be added to the match with a win later. Rollins, once again enraged, decided to hang out ringside for the eventual match. Naturally, Owens attacked him late in said match and Rollins, because he simply cannot help himself, rushed the ring for some payback.

His attack, in plain view of the referee, led to Big E getting disqualified.

Owens wins.

Owens is added to the WWE title match.

Owens played everybody.

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