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The Miz & Maryse return to Raw


It’s been roughly a month or so since The Miz was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars. It was only a matter of time, then, before he made his way back to WWE television.

As it turns out, that was this week in Long Island, New York, on Monday Night Raw, right after Edge had just made his return to the red brand.

That was the focus of his first remarks on the show, too. He was there to interrupt Edge to talk about how irked he was over the fact that Edge gets the big promotional treatment for his showing up but Miz did not, oh and also Maryse, one of the best women’s wrestlers out there, is back too.

Hey, Miz got plenty of promotion from MJF and CM Punk just last week on Dynamite, at least.

They bickered back and forth for a while, with Miz once again claiming he’s been disrespected while Edge once again went back to the well with the “I’ve fought with every fiber of my being to come back to get this chance” bit. They did throw in some pointed references, like Edge referencing the aforementioned bit from Punk on AEW.

Miz backed away from an actual physical confrontation, and they left us hanging there.

I guess this is what we’re getting next.

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