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Guinness recognizes Natalya & Randy Orton’s recent WWE records

The World Records people, not the Irish stout. Although the beer folks are probably proud of them, too.

We knew that Randy Orton set the record for the most appearances on WWE PPV at this year’s Survivor Series. That got a lot of publicity, as The Viper commented on the achievement after it was brought to his attention. The man who previously held the mark, Kane (aka Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs) also congratulated Orton on his 177th PPV date.

He wasn’t the only person making history on Nov. 21 in Brooklyn, though. Hell, Randy wasn’t even the only legacy wrestler setting a record. That’s because by appearing in the elimination tag match at Barclays Center, Natalya appeared on her 68th WWE PPV. That’s the record for women. I’ve not seen it mentioned who the previous female record holder was, and I suspect at this point Nat is just extended her own record — but that’s even more badass.

Today (Nov. 29), the folks at Guinness World Records covered the marks set by both Orton and Nattie:

It’s worth noting that Guinness changed their business model in the last ten years or so, de-emphasizing publication of the book Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers used to flip through to pass time during detention in the school library (I know that’s when I read it, and I doubt I’m alone) and focusing on the web. Now, instead of relying on publication revenue, Guinness profits because record-holders or their representatives pay the company a fee in exchange for clout or publicity.

So it’s entirely possible WWE paid for this notoriety. But that doesn’t diminish what Natalya and Orton have done, and it’s still pretty cool that they’re recognized as World Record-Holders... or it is to me, anyway.


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