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WALTER is looking downright SVELTE

The gym is sacred.

We haven’t seen much of WALTER since he dropped the NXT United Kingdom championship to Ilja Dragunov in a match of the year candidate at August’s TakeOver 36. Fans in England got a chance to see him in some European wrestling all-star matches with Cesaro, Sheamus & Finn Bálor during WWE’s recent UK tour. But other than that, The Ring General’s been laying low.

The 34 year old Austrian hasn’t just been twiddling his thumbs, though. As the folks behind BT Sport’s Twitter point out, WALTER’s been putting in time at the gym*.

For comparison’s sake, here’s Big Daddy at Worlds Collide shortly before the pandemic shutdowns began last winter:

Is this the work of a man who could be moving to the United States for a main roster run? Rumors are WALTER’s had some changes in his personal life (perhaps related to this?) which have made him more open to that than ever before.

If it happens, it seems he’ll be in the best shape of his life when he arrives.

* For folks like me who are ignorant to the ways of British slang and thought “graft” was a scientific procedure or the past tense of “grift”, turns out it’s another way to say “hard work”.

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