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Toni Storm’s reaction to getting pie faced by Charlotte Flair is really something

When Toni Storm debuted on Friday Night SmackDown, there was reason to be excited. She’s a talented wrestler who would instantly add depth to a division sorely needing it. WWE almost instantly forgot about her, as she spent a number of months doing basically nothing.

Now, she’s been fast tracked to the title picture in the weirdest way imaginable.

Here’s what happened on SmackDown this week:

Yep, she was pie faced by the champion. Humiliated. Made to look lesser. And she just stood there and took it.

On Talking Smack, she got the chance to react proper and this is what she came up with:

“Needless to say, I’m in Charlotte’s head now. She didn’t have to do all this, she could have just walked away but no, she stayed, and she embarrassed me. But you know what? Here’s some Toni Storm trivia for you — I actually don’t get embarrassed. But you know what’s going to be embarrassing? It’s for her when I take her SmackDown women’s championship.”

Is she saying she allowed herself to be embarrassed like that because actually she can’t be embarrassed and this way when she beats Flair for the title it will be that much more embarrassing for Charlotte? What kind of logic is that?

It would seem Flair vs. Storm is the plan going forward, and we couldn’t be off to a worse start.

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