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Jeff Hardy is confident we’ll see another Hardy Boyz reunion

We haven’t seen brothers Matt & Jeff Hardy work a tag match since April of 2019, when they won the SmackDown Tag Team championship from The Usos. That was a short reign, ended when The Boyz were forced to vacate due to the younger Hardy’s knee injury.

Jeff’s substance abuse issues landed him in legal trouble twice while he was rehabbing from surgery, and not long after he returned, Matt left WWE and went to AEW.

But with the brothers on good terms again after some issues between their families were aired publicly a couple years ago...

... the biggest hurdle to a Hardy Boyz reunion is out of the way. The rest is just business, and as Jeff told talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy:

“Contracts expire. People get released. All kinds of stuff happens. So, we’ll see. I think our paths will cross [and we’ll] reunite one more time.”

The Charismatic Enigma has been asked about this a lot, and he sounds confident every time. He said a little more to Sportskeeda about where another run with his brother could happen:

“Whether it’s here or over there. And over there could be anywhere.”

It was reported in September of last year that Jeff is likely tied to WWE into 2023, so wherever “over there” is, it might not be for a while. But we’re getting closer — and maybe closer than we think given how often “people get released” by Vince McMahon’s company these days.

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