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Cageside Community Star Ratings for Survivor Series 2021


After every WWE PPV, we ask you all to rank each match on the show using the star rating system made famous by Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer.

The results are in from Survivor Series, a show that’s now being billed as WWE’s All-Star Game. Here’s how our little corner of the wrestle web graded what happened in the ring in Brooklyn on Nov. 21 - and how our subjective grades compare to Meltzer’s.

Many have asked “why Dave?”, which to me is fairly obvious. Love, hate, or don’t care about him, the Observer Star Rating is the proverbial industry standard. No one else’s are tracked by Wikipedia and other web outlets. You can’t place online bets on what grades other pundits will give big matches.

But in order to not make this all about Meltz, we added another fan-voted rating to the mix - this one from Cagematch. That site uses a ten point scale, so in calculating the difference between our score and theirs, I halved the Cagematch rating.

Here’s what that all looks like:

Worth noting from the jump that due to the holiday week polling period and low interest for a “Big 4” show, the vote totals were below normal levels in both fan-generating rating systems. Still, there’s general agreement across the board. Everyone gave the worked shoot PPV opener between Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair the best score (it also handily won our “Match of the Night” poll after Survivor Series ended). We all agreed the Pizza Hut™ party battle royal was the show’s dud.

The one match where we really parted ways with Uncle Dave was Seth Rollins’ men’s elimination tag win for Team Raw. Cageside and Cagematch didn’t want to walk away from it like Kevin Owens, but thought it was just slightly above average. In the Observer head honcho’s estimation, it was the second best match on the show.

Overall though, Cagesiders were on the same page as Meltzer. Survivor Series was a lackluster show, and one of the three or four lowest rated of 2021.

Do Cageside’s Community Ratings match up with your personal ones? Any final thoughts on Survivor Series?

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