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Sami Zayn is getting a Universal title match

Although WWE never seemed to wrap up Xavier Woods’ issues with Roman Reigns, and it appeared as though there would be at least one more Universal championship match between the two, the promotion went ahead and booked a battle royal for this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown with the winner getting the next title shot.

There were two secondary stories at play here:

  1. Brock Lesnar is back from his suspension next week, and therefore we should expect to see him challenging Reigns for the title soon. And,
  2. Drew McIntyre asked to be included in the battle royal and he was left off the list of participants, leading to his trying to murder a few guys with his sword but eventually walking off of his own accord

So, then, they went about setting up two future matches beyond the guy who would go on to become top contender by actually winning a match for it. That guy, as the title tells you, ended up being Sami Zayn, who pulled the old trick of bailing out of the ring, keeping himself hidden so everyone forgot about him, and then rushing back into the ring to eliminate the guy who was celebrating what he thought was a win. That guy was Jeff Hardy.

Sorry, Jeff.

Zayn will be challenging for the title soon.

Like the other two, I guess.

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