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Triple H & Stephanie McMahon’s eldest daughter is training to be a wrestler

Or I guess we should say ‘sports entertainer’.

Triple H Stephanie McMahon

Get ready for the next generation of McMahons to join the family business.

In this case, it will be a Levesque. Stephanie McMahon talked about her & Triple H’s three daughters during an interview with talkSPORT recently, revealing that 15 year old Aurora Rose has started in-ring training as part of her quest to eventually replace her grandfather as WWE CEO & Chairman of the Board.

“We have three daughters, Triple H and I do, they are 15, 13 and 11. Our oldest said when she was eight years old ‘Momma, I don’t want your dad. Daddy, I don’t want your job. I want Pop’s [Vince McMahon] job.

“So, just like her grandfather, she wants to be the boss so we’ll see what happens with my oldest daughter who has already started training in the ring.“

Middle daughter Murphy Claire doesn’t seem to have the wrestling sports entertaining bug, but baby sister Vaughn Evelyn has what Vince calls the gift of gab:

“My youngest daughter is also very interested but she is all about the personality [laughs]. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to see what she is going to do.”

Look out WWE Universe.

In the interview with talkSPORT, Stephanie also offered a small but positive update on The Game’s health after his recent surgery: “[He’s] doing great, thank you very much for asking.”

Trips was recently spotted touring WWE’s under construction new headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

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