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Jeff Hardy has a terrible idea for a new gimmick match

Jeff Hardy has yet to deliver on his tease of bringing a new ego to SmackDown television. Maybe he’s waiting for a proper feud with Roman Reigns before unleashing Willow upon us all.

But Willow isn’t the only wacky idea floating around in Jeff’s head. In an interview with talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy, Jeff said he’s always been curious about wrestling inside a spinning ring:

“I’m out there, but I have this weird idea for this Upward Spiral match...What if there was a match to where you wrestled for five minutes but then...the ring starts spinning, and then it spins at a certain speed for a certain amount of time...Naturally, you’d get dizzy, but then another two minutes or whatever it starts to spin again, but it’s a little faster. I’m just curious as if you can run spots as the ring’s spinning and be safe about it. An Upward Spiral match.”

No, Jeff. This match cannot be done safely.

Are there any Cagesiders out there who would like to see an Upward Spiral match featuring dizzy Jeff Hardy?

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