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WWE is losing their television deal in Japan

WWE is losing their television deal in Japan. If you are fluent in Japanese, you can click here to read J Sports’ notice on the end of WWE programming on their station.

Here is Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer’s summary of the situation between WWE and J Sports:

“Yeah, J Sports, which was their Japanese deal, Japanese broadcasting partner, announced that December 27th would be the last show on that station, and that they would have VODs for about another month afterwards, and then they would take all the VODs down. So, I don’t know if WWE is gonna get another deal in the market...but they are off J Sports. The last deal was a three year deal in 2018.

They’ve definitely cut back when it comes to that market because...the international version of the WWE Network apparently no longer broadcasts pay-per-views in Japanese, so that was a cutback that was already made as well.”

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