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Paul Heyman explains what’s next for Roman Reigns in WWE

Over the last few months, Roman Reigns has successfully defended the Universal championship against some of the biggest part-time stars WWE has to offer - Edge, John Cena, Brock Lesnar - as well as the previously undefeated Demon form of full-time wrestler Finn Balor. Reigns also beat WWE champion Big E in a non-title match at Survivor Series just this past weekend.

With all of that in mind, and with the rumor mill suggesting a match with The Rock might not be possible until 2023, it begs the question, what’s next for Roman Reigns?

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Paul Heyman answers that question:

“The next goal for Roman Reigns is clear, and that is to be better tomorrow than he is today. His goal is to be better in two weeks than he is next week, to make next week’s SmackDown better than this week, and to make the SmackDown that airs in three weeks better than it is in two weeks.”

“Roman Reigns continues to set a pace and achieve levels that no one in WWE has ever or will ever achieve. The world has the privilege and joy of watching it unfold every Friday on SmackDown.”

It sounds to me like the Tribal Chief is running out of opponents to beat, and is pretty much competing with himself at this point.

Do you think Reigns will be able to accomplish Heyman’s stated goal in the short term in feuds against babyfaces like Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, New Day, Shinsuke Nakamura, and probable rematches with Lesnar? Or is the Tribal Chief’s very lengthy run as champion running out of steam?

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