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The build to Jeff Hardy vs. Roman Reigns begins

As a long-time advocate for one last Jeff Hardy run in WWE, I was excited when he was drafted to SmackDown and began talking about going after a title he’s never held.

The Universal is the only belt on the blue brand Hardy’s never won, so that means a feud with the biggest star in the company and the business — Roman Reigns. The Charismatic Enigma’s won both his singles matches on Friday night television, and was the last man eliminated in the men’s traditional Survivor Series elimination tag match last Sunday.

Reigns defeated Big E in the main event of the Nov. 21 PPV, which should wrap up his feud with The New Day. WWE is teasing his next challenger for this week’s show...

... and in hyping Hardy’s appearance on the new Broken Skull Sessions, WWE’s now given us this:

It’s not exactly the “run at the top” the 44 year old’s biggest fans might have hoped for, but a main event run with The Tribal Chief is nothing to sneeze at. Even without much suspense about the outcome of his feuds, Reigns has made them all compelling. Even if it’s a one-off at Day One while they set-up Brock Lesnar for Royal Rumble and/or WrestleMania 38, it’s a great story for a guy who seems to be in a good place after a lot of ups and downs.

And even at his lowest, Jeffrey Nero Hardy has never not been beloved by most of wrestling. If a Reigns program is where they’re going, it should be a lot of fun.


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