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Xavier Woods isn’t sweating his possible WWE release

The thought of WWE releasing any member of The New Day seems ridiculous... but we said that about Bray Wyatt, too.

So while it probably won’t happen*, just know that Xavier Woods isn’t sweating it even if it does. That’s because the Power of Positivity isn’t just a gimmick, and also because it helps when you’ve already made your two dreams come true.

That’s what the 11 time tag champ and current King of the Ring told Sportskeeda:

“I love tag team wrestling, and I love King of the Ring. So, as far as wrestling goals, now I’m on bonus time. If they would have been like, ‘Hey, you won King of the Ring,’ and they came back and he [Vince McMahon] hit me with the ‘You’re fired,’ I would have been like, ‘Okay, deuces, it has been a fun ride.’”

Having his accomplished his goals, and being ready to peace out at any time, how does King Woods stay energized, and motivated?

“I feel like if we just regurgitate the same thing over and over again, we’re not artists anymore. We’re just rehashing things — and that’s totally fine, I’m not knocking that vibe. But for me, my brain feels at homeostasis, I guess. I feel even, not off-kilter when I’m creating something.

“With all of this stuff, the solo run I’m having right now, I’m getting to do my best to create things every week. And they might not work at all. It might be the worst thing you’ve ever seen in your life, but I’m making an attempt to be something better, and I feel like I can give you the same thing, I can serve you the same lunch every day. We can eat pizza with the square pepperonis, it’s going to be good for a few weeks, and then we’re going to want something else. So I’m gonna attempt to bring something different to the table every time they see me, and we’ll see if it works.”

Sounds good, my liege.

* His dispute with the company about UpUpDownDown might make it a little more likely, but fingers crossed WWE realizes they should take care of Austin Creed on that front.

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