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Chavo Guerrero has a dumb & bad take on Seth Rollins being attacked by a fan on Raw

Last night (Nov. 22) on Raw, Seth Rollins was jumped by a fan on the ramp at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center after his segment with Finn Bálor. His attacker was escorted from the building, arrested, and charged.

It was a scary situation, but Rollins is alright. So we should all be able to move on, right?

No, because the INTERNET DISCOURSE™ must begin.

Now, I’m aware it’s hypocritical for a guy who makes a living creating #content to complain about people having takes online. But to paraphrase a Tribal Chief we’re all familiar with, there’s levels to this ish.

On one, there are things like making jokes about booking, and debating work or shoot.

On another, there’s this, from Chavo Guerrero, seemingly in response to what happened last night:

Belittling a fellow pro wrestler who was just assaulted, caught off-guard by someone unexpectedly charging at them, is a dick move. It also willfully ignores the differences between Seth’s situation - where he represents a publicly traded corporation that probably doesn’t want video of a roster member wailing on a likely mentally ill person to go viral, and “the good ol’ days” - where wrestlers could give an unruly fan a receipt and head to the back to get drunk or high or sexually harass someone with little fear they’d ever hear about the incident again.

There’s also the fact Seth could be trained to handle incidents like this the way he did, or he just decided the right thing to do was to let security handle it once they had the situation in hand. It’s not the way everyone would handle it. It’s clearly not the way Chavo thinks he would have handled it. That’s okay!

We really don’t need everyone’s opinion on everything. It’s everyone’s right to share it, though, and that’s fine. But (a) do it without mocking the other person, and (b) you don’t need to defend it to the death.

At least Guerrero is “only” guilt of (a). Unfortunately, there are lots of people on Wrestling Twitter rushing in to handle (b)*. Whatever your opinion on the rising risk of spontaneous violence at public events and how they should be handled, do we really need to debate Rollins’ takedown defense as if what happened last night was a sanctioned MMA fight? Or question his “manhood”?

I think we all know the answer to that. But people are going to do it anyway. My amplifying Chavo’s dumb and bad tweet with this post will probably only encourage more Undertaker-esque “good ol’ days” takes, and more of the INTERNET DISCOURSE™ I’m complaining about. Just because I’m part of the problem doesn’t mean there’s not a problem.

We may be doomed, but while we’re using our individual platforms however we want... maybe we can all work on not judging each other (aka not doing what Chavo did with Rollins being attacked)? And not trying to get in the last word on everything (aka not doing what everyone arguing about how Seth reacted to being attacked is doing)?

It can’t hurt to try.

* aka, the “Cleaner, I got this”

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