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NXT Coach & Producer Scotty 2 Hotty requests his release from WWE

Scott Garland took the job in 2016, but doesn’t want to work ‘solely for the paycheck’ anymore.

Attitude Era veteran Scott “Scotty 2 Hotty” Garland has been working behind the scenes at NXT since early on in the TakeOver era. He was there as a coach and producer for most of what fans think of as the brand’s peak run.

Garland announced on social media today (Nov. 23) that he’s looking to leave the company. It doesn’t sound like his heart is in the 2.0 reboot:

“Today, I have asked for my release from World Wrestling Entertainment. 30 years ago I stepped into a WWE ring for the very first time. I have lived my dream 100 times over. Some of my most special memories will always be from the last five years working with NXT. The black and gold brand was something special and I am proud to have been a small part of that.

“I always promised myself that I would never be part of something solely for the paycheck and that was where I was at. I told myself that I would walk away if I ever got to that point, so that is what I have chosen to do.

“Coaching and producing the stars of NXT will always be a highlight of my life. I love you all more than you will ever know.”

WWE doesn’t always grant release requests, but we’re also not used to seeing them publicly from behind-the-scenes employees. We’ll keep you posted on any responses or updates to Garland’s.

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