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Bray Wyatt’s first announced post-WWE booking is WrestleMania week in Dallas

Windham Rotunda, the artist formerly known as Bray Wyatt, is currently working on an independent movie project. He’s still the subject of a lot of pro wrestling speculation, though. And now we have our first concrete sign he isn’t leaving the business altogether after his WWE release in July.

It’s one that will put him smack dab in the middle of the wrestling world too, since it’s during WrestleMania 38 week next spring in Dallas.

As the tweet from WrestleCon says, this will be the first proper “WrestleMania week” since 2019. Over the past two years, the pandemic has meant WWE’s marquee event happened without hundred of thousands of fans flocking to the host city — and therefore without the dozens of other wrestling shows and events happening in the area to cater to them.

The industry is counting on 2022 being a return to normal. WrestleCon, which web retailer Highspots put on during ‘Mania week since 2014 (not counting 2020 & 2021, of course), is a traditional convention that also hosts independent wrestling shows. The highlight of their line-up is a “Supershow” featuring a mix of talent from non-WWE promotions and legends from the past.

We don’t know yet what Windham will be doing at next year’s Con, but whether it’s just signing, a Q & A, or something in-ring, it’s sure to attract a lot of attention.

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