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I’m all the way in on Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan now

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, with large stretches of the show leaving me longing to watch Peyton & Eli Manning break down the Monday Night Football game on the other channel. It says something about the show that the best segment was a two minute interview backstage.

That’s not to downplay said segment, though, because it was fantastic.

Liv Morgan was being interviewed by Kevin Patrick, and she was doing her whole “oh man, I’m just so happy to be here” routine that has been the hallmark of her singles run in WWE. She’s been talking for what feels like forever about really making something of herself and achieving great things, and then she shows up, is clearly very excited about it, and then, well, that’s it.

It never goes anywhere.

Plenty of fans seem to think it will, or should, and even Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch told Morgan when she left to go have a baby well over a year ago that when she returned, Morgan would be champion. She was not. She never has been. In fact, she really hasn’t even come close.

That’s what they’re building this entire feud on too, and Lynch is bloody brilliant with how she plays this when she slides in to interrupt the aforementioned interview:

Becky is so casually antagonistic, calmly recounting all the ways Liv has been an utter and complete failure to both herself and everyone she’s disappointed along the way. When she speaks on her championship and says it’s “a title you will never hold,” Morgan returns fire with “I’m pretty sure I held it last week.” She did, briefly, so maybe that would be some kind of burn if Becky didn’t sidestep it and break out a flamethrower in response.

“Liv, look, I do autograph signings every week and I let the little kids hold the title but it doesn’t mean that they’re a champion.”

This beautifully puts over how successful Lynch has been and continues to be while completely obliterating Morgan’s initial rebuttal. It’s embarrassing, in fact.

Speaking of which, Lynch really drives it home with the following.

“The thing is, I told you you were going to be a champion, and you told everybody. So now you’ve embarrassed me, you’ve embarrassed your friends — who aren’t even here anymore — you embarrassed your family, you embarrassed your ma…”

Those words are daggers, and she just kept going in such a way that it was something like a death by a thousand cuts but with a wide looping sword delivering them. Bringing up Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan was just low, a pointed barb that hit so hard Morgan couldn’t even hide how much it hurt. She started to get emotional about it, and Lynch made fun of her for being a cry baby.

Finally, Liv hauled off and elbowed her in the mouth. Then she walked off with her head held high.

That’s the kind of babyface I can get behind.

Later, because this is 2021 and it’s just how things are anymore, Lynch took to Twitter to say it was about time Morgan showed some fire and this time it was Liv with the verbal knockout response:

Oh, I’m all the way in now.

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