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Big E continued putting over Roman Reigns after Survivor Series

‘Until you’re in the ring with him, people just don’t fully realize how good he is.’

At the end of Survivor Series last night (Nov. 21), WWE champion Big E became the latest to put over Universal champ Roman Reigns. In the process, he made it clear he belongs in the main event.

Over the coming months, we’ll see if that serves him better, worse, or about the same as it did Drew McIntyre last November. In the meantime, E continues to demonstrate his worth to the company by exiting a grueling match and jumping into more media appearances.

When E talked to Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso, he spoke of what the opportunity meant to him. And he sung the praises of the Tribal Chief while reflecting on the similar path they took to Survivor Series at Barclays Center:

“This was my first singles main event on a pay-per-view, and to do it with Roman means even more. Our paths were different, but after the match, we reflected on spending our days, circa 2010, together in that FCW warehouse. We were not making much money but we were very hungry.

“His strength and athleticism are real. He even got me up in that powerbomb. I thought he was going to bail on it, but he had that second surge to get me up.

“Until you’re in the ring with him, people just don’t fully realize how good he is. He’s an incredible performer on an incredible run, and you can’t take away anything from him.”

Large Epsilon also used his history with Reigns to continue selling the story of their match, where Roman gave the New Day-er everything he had, and E kept on coming:

“I can’t say that I’m a guy that’s always fought from underneath—I debuted as Dolph Ziggler’s bodyguard and I dropped John Cena, so I can’t pretend that I was never given anything. But I’m a guy that is barely 5’ 11”; I didn’t have all these accolades coming into the business, and even though I’m not the Roman type, it’s all about that fight for me. My life has been filled with learning how to get up after getting knocked down.”

He won’t to wait long to put his experience getting up after being knocked down to work. Next up for the WWE champ is a showdown with Reigns’ old Shield brother, and Team Raw sole survivor, Seth Rollins.

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