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WWE Raw preview (Nov. 22, 2021): Let’s find out who stole Vince McMahon’s gold egg

WWE Survivor Series 2021

Raw airs tonight (Nov. 22) with a live show from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. This is the first Raw episode during the six week build towards Day One on January 1, 2022.

WWE actually wants you to watch Raw to find out who stole an egg from McMahon

Instead of getting The Rock to show up at Survivor Series last night, WWE got the next best thing...The Egg.

Yes, Vince McMahon brought a 100 million dollar egg to Barclays Center last night. It was gifted to him by The Rock. By the end of the night, some asshole on the WWE roster stole the egg from McMahon. As a result, Vince has ordered every wrestler in WWE to be at Barclays Center tonight so we can get to the bottom of this mystery.

On the surface, this is a very dumb angle and it’s jarring that WWE is using The Egg as the hook for people to tune into Raw.

Is this leading to The Rock’s return tonight? That seems doubtful.

Is this leading to Raw being a three hour version of the board game Clue? Maybe! There are scenarios where this can be a good or bad thing, depending on the writing.

Is this leading to segments that are embarrassing for pro wrestling fans to watch in front of other people? Yeah, probably.

I don’t know what the master plan is here besides promoting The Rock’s movie, or which part-timers or legends might get involved in solving the mystery of Vince’s stolen egg. But I do look forward to the rumor mill explaining that the angle with The Egg was actually done as a way to counter sagging Raw ratings. Can you imagine?

The title scene

WWE champion Big E lost against Roman reigns at Survivor Series, but that doesn’t really matter for tonight. Large Epsilon has both Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins gunning for his title. Rollins, fresh off being the sole survivor for the Raw men’s team at Survivor Series, will no doubt be at his maximum level of obnoxious douchebag tonight while bragging about his unmatched leadership skills.

Liv Morgan is number one contender for Becky Lynch’s Raw women’s championship, but that didn’t result in a standout performance for her at Survivor Series. Yeah, her team technically won the women’s elimination match, but most of their success can be attributed to Bianca Belair’s greatness, as well as Team SmackDown’s dysfunction. Meanwhile, Becky Lynch is riding high after defeating bitter enemy Charlotte Flair. Will WWE actually wait six weeks and put Morgan’s title shot on the Day One card, or will she be challenging Becky for the title some time in December?

Raw tag team champions RK-Bro aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on certain strategic decisions, such as when to attack Omos, but that didn’t stop them from defeating The Usos at Survivor Series. Meanwhile, Omos dominated a 25-man Battle Royal at Survivor Series, and he practically defeated the Dirty Dawgs by himself. Maybe he should just challenge RK-Bro for the tag titles by himself, considering AJ Styles is the one who always gets pinned when they lose as a team.

Apollo Crews used to be interested pursuing in Damian Priest’s United States championship, but WWE either dropped the angle, or they were waiting to get Survivor Series out of the way before telling more of the Priest/Crews story.

Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. are the Women’s tag team champions and have had some issues with Carmella & Zelina Vega. There are no other women’s tag teams in WWE, so it makes sense that the only two teams in existence end up fighting each other.

Reggie is the 24/7 champion and mostly doing a great job of escaping the army of jobbers who are constantly chasing him around for the belt. WWE helped Reggie out by firing Drake Maverick and Jaxson Ryker last week. Which jobbers will take their spot in the 24/7 title chase?

Other stuff to keep an eye on

- Doudrop wants a piece of Bianca Belair, so there’s a decent chance she’ll either confront or attack the EST of WWE tonight.

- Will The Miz finally return to Raw tonight?

- Chad Gable has put over the Street Profits, Big E, and Finn Balor in recent weeks. Which babyface is kicking Chad’s ass tonight?

- Adam Pearce made an example out of the Mysterios for unknown reasons. They need revenge, so perhaps they can hire Brock Lesnar to F5 Pearce out of his pants. Will Pearce keep sending Bobby Lashley to kick the Mysterios’ asses, or will the All Mighty find some other babyfaces to toy with?

- Thanks to Vince’s egg mystery, the entire SmackDown roster should be on hand to help fill out the always-too-long three hour runtime for Raw.

What will you be looking for on Raw tonight?

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