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WWE Raw results, live blog (Nov. 22, 2021): Survivor Series fallout

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 22, 2021) from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, featuring all the fallout from the Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in the very same venue.

Advertised for tonight: Vince McMahon was given the gift of a $100 million Cleopatra Egg from The Rock that is totally real and definitely not a prop from a movie set and someone stole it! He’s pissed! He wants it back, and he has the whole roster on hand to get it! Plus, it’s time to move into some actual storylines beyond brand warfare!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog will kick off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (Note: Going forward, there will be no ban on GIFs or images in the live blog threads. Feel free to post as you wish.)


So you live in the bottom of the sea and you kill all that come near you, but you are very lonely because all the other fish fear you. And you crave companionship and someone to call your own, because for the whole of your life you’ve been living alone, but me I live with my beautiful wife and I have to liveblog this here pro wrestling show.

The show opens with Vince McMahon in his office, with no egg, cranky about the lack of an egg, sitting across from Sonya Deville and five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce.

Thus we get a recap of last nights egg events.

Vince explains the importance of the egg to Sonya and Adam, and says it’s not just the value of the egg, it’s the fact that someone stole it. Eventually they admit that they have security footage but it’s blurry, and Vince says if anybody brings him information that leads to retrieving the egg will get a serious reward, and if anyone finds it, they’ll get a title shot.

Randy Orton is pacing in Gorilla when an interview rolls up.

Orton has no idea where Matt Riddle is and he hasn’t seen him since shortly after their match last night. Riddle rolls up with a ridiculous Three Musketeer moustache and dressed like Randy and saying he’s trying to be a Viper. Orton berates him for taking him too literally and says he doesn’t want to be in his head, but Matt says he’s already there and makes his entrance to Orton’s music to send us to break.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Matt Riddle

Mat grappling to start, Ziggler cuts the knot with a dropkick, tearing off the fake moustache, choking Riddle over the ropes and tearing the goatee off! Karelin lift sends Dolph crashing to the floor and Matt slingshots into a superkick! The Dirty Dawgz pose on the floor and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Riddle with a series of charging forearms, catching Ziggler with a snap scoop powerslam! Dolph dumps him to the floor and catches him with the Fameasser on his return! Trading forearms from their knees and to their feet, block the superkick, pump knee connects!

Going to that special place, Matt catches him...

Matt Riddle wins by pinfall with the RKO.

Post-match a proud Orton gives Riddle his moustache back and hits his own fall-forward Tombstone piledriver on Robert Roode!

Backstage a wild mixed-gender brawl is breaking out as wrestlers search for Vince McMahon’s egg. R-Truth finds a football and a women’s locker room and runs off.

We get a video package recapping Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair last night.

Becky Lynch makes her entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Becky Lynch gets on the mic.

She says she was standing right here in Brooklyn when she slapped Charlotte Flair across the face and sent her career skyrocketing. Last night was the culmination of almost a decade of hate and strife and friendship and she wanted to injure, embarrass, and maim her.

Charlotte wanted to do the same to her, and the crowd ate it up. But of course she won and now we’re done with that and turning a page onto a new chapter, because we love something fresh and new. So who that’s fresh and new would you like to see on top?

She polls the crowd on Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, and Liv Morgan, saying it’s funny because she used to put so much stock in crowd opinion until she realized we’re full of crap. She watched ten women break their backs trying to prove themselves to us and the crowd did their stupid little chants and songs and the wave.

It hurts her to say it, but she actually agrees with the crowd. And you like Liv Morgan now because she’s the underdog but she’s won what, one match in four years? And she hates to break it to you, but not every dog has its day and no one is getting this title off of Big Time Becks.

We get a recap of the women’s Survivor Series match from last night.

Bianca Belair makes her entrance and gets on the mic.

She talks up being sole survivor and calls Doudrop out again.

Tamina makes her entrance and we go to break.

Bianca Belair vs. Tamina

Belair with a series of dropkicks, a straight suplex, getting Tamina off-balance and kipping up! Boots up in the corner, off the top, nobody home, roll through, back up and Snuka yanks her down! Putting boots to the EST in the corner, running hip attack, cover for two!

Standing neck crank applied, Bianca fighting her way back to her feet, right hands, off the ropes and Tamina cracks her down with a back elbow! Belair sidesteps her into the post, slingshots back in, Argentine backbreaker rack...

Bianca Belair wins by pinfall with KOD.

Post-match, Natalya attacks Belair but the EST manages to shrug her off! Doudrop attacks after, and she’s not so lucky, getting taken out by a freight train crossbody!

Doudrop walks off arm-in-arm with Snuka and Neidhart.

We get a recap of the men’s Survivor Series match.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Seth Rollins gets on the mic.

He talks about how he put Monday Night Raw on his back and lead his team to victory, and he crows about being right about Kevin Owens being a liar and a snake who walked out on the team. He runs Bobby Lashley down for getting counted out and Austin Theory for just not being good enough, and when he gets to Finn Balor he just laughs about him getting pinned by Sheamus.

Rollins attacks Balor during his entrance, Finn takes him in the ring and beats on him and then hits a tope con giro! Charging in on the floor, Hot Shot into the barricade and then Seth puts him into the announce table and the barricade in turn! Rollins takes the top step off and smashes Finn with the steel steps!

Seth throws him in the ring and hits Blackout, leaving him for medics and referees to check on him, no match.

Rollins comes back to the ring and hits Blackout again, leaving Balor glassy-eyed and totally out of it!

The roster are still searching for Vince McMahon’s egg backstage.

Sami Zayn is in Vince’s office.

McMahon berates him for not asking first and Sami says he knows where the egg is and he’s going to bring it to him.

Street Profits make their entrance, carrying a mysterious duffel bag, to send us to break.

Backstage, Kevin Owens is looking for Vince McMahon’s egg when an interview rolls up.

He says he wasn’t paying attention to anything Seth Rollins was saying and he’s busy looking for Vince’s valuable egg so he can get a title shot.

AJ Styles & Omos vs. Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford)

Ford and Styles to start, Montez with an early advantage and quick tags, Omos tags in and the Profits regroup to try and figure their next move as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Styles and Omos working Dawkins over but he hits Drill Bit on AJ and makes the tag! Ford in hot, exploding on Styles, standing moonsault... NOPE! AJ with a Pele kick as a counter, calling for the Styles Clash, countered to a back body drop!

Omos tags in and a game Montez squares up, crossbody and he just bounces off! Chops, alternating knife-edge and overhand but the big man drops him with a lariat! Dawkins gets a fire extinguisher out of the duffel and sprays Omos with it, leading referee Chad Patton to call it...

AJ Styles & Omos win by disqualification.

Angelo sprays Styles with the extinguisher, too!

Carmella and Zelina Vega are walking backstage and chatting when an interview rolls up.

They say they’re not worried about Nikki ASH, because she might be fun, but she’s not much of a threat.

Super Brutality make their entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we get a hype reel for Veer Mahaan.

Carmella & Zelina Vega vs. Super Brutality (Nikki ASH & Rhea Ripley) (c) (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship)

Of course, Carmella has to go get her mask put on AFTER the bell rings, Ripley goes after her, back inside, short-arm lariat, Vega in, tossing Karelin lift throws her aside, big headbutt, blocking a Frankensteiner, powerbomb reversed into a big DDT... NOPE!

ASH tags in, off the ropes hot, lariat, whip to the corner, Stinger Splash into mounted punches! Swinging neckbreaker, Carmella breaks it up! Out and back in, Vega gets her...

Carmella & Zelina Vega win by pinfall with a Yoshi Tonic from Zelina Vega on Nikki ASH.

Post-match, the new champions celebrate at length.

We go backstage where Sonya Deville tells Vince that they know who took the egg and says five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce is going to bring him in right now, and this sends us to break.

Back from commercial, Sami Zayn is hopping up and down and Austin Theory gets dragged in holding the egg.

Vince tells Theory to sit down as Deville and Pearce walk out.

McMahon asks him why he did it and Austin says he just wanted to come in and take a selfie with it, and there’s so much security and so on and so forth. Zayn says that’s disgusting behavior and Vince says Austin took a huge risk and he’s dropping charges because Theory reminds him a lot of himself, and he’s gonna give him the title match!

Austin celebrates, Sami is apoplectic but Vince berates him and tells him nobody likes a snitch.

Cedric Alexander vs. Reggie (c) (WWE 24/7 Championship)

Alexander overwhelming him out the gates and putting boots to him! Big right hand drops Reggie, front chancery, up for a suplex but the champion reverses to a Hurricanrana! Chops and forearms, corkscrew kick countered with a big boot, back suplex lift...

Cedric Alexander wins by pinfall with a Lumbar Check to become WWE 24/7 Champion.

Post-match the 24/7 mod comes running down but Dana Brooke hits a blockbuster off the top...

Dana Brooke wins the 24/7 Championship.

She celebrates so hard that nobody wants to attack her and she goes up top to celebrate harder!

We go backstage with Dominik and Rey Mysterio.

Dom apologizes for not doing anything when his dad was stuck in the Hurt Lock, and Rey tells him not to beat himself up, and Bobby Lashley isn’t the first monster he’s faced. And every time he steps in the ring he holds his chin high and ready to fight, and he doesn’t need his son to fight his battles.

But tonight, they fight together and he’s damn proud to do so.

Bobby Lashley makes his entrance, flanked by Montel Vontavious Porter, to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of the 24/7 Championship stuff we just saw, because Raw is three hours long. (Three hours long.)

Dana Brooke is interviewed backstage and she says she knows she has a target on her back but this is her moment to show the world who she is.

Montel Vontavious Porter gets on the mic before the match begins, to tell Rey Mysterio how he has so much respect for him for being a giant in this industry, despite his diminuitive size, but as a father he leaves a lot to be desired and he’s disappointed in him, asking if he’s taken the time to teach Dominik that monsters are real.

He tells Rey that when he has to go tell his wife that he got his son injured, he can just give her his number and he’ll help her out.

Bobby Lashley vs. the Mysterios (Dominik & Rey Mysterio) (Handicap Match)

Dominik to start, Lashley shrugs him off a few times, gets the reverse STO off, Mysterio floats over, Bob into the post, Rey tags in! Corner dropkick, punches, quick tags as they work the All Mighty over! Whip to the corner, running powerslam drops Rey! Lying in wait, but Dom comes in with a missile dropkick to block the Hurt Lock!

Plancha gets caught, Bob hosses him up but Rey dives to save his son and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Lashley chokes Dominik in the ropes, MVP slaps him in the face, Bob gets him up for the Yokosuka Cutter... NOPE! Out to the floor, Lashley picks him up and rams him face-first into the post! Into the barricade, back inside, Bob taunting him, demanding that he hit him and then clubbing him down!

Kick caught, Dom turns it into a leg-feed enzuigiri, gutwrench, Yokosuka Cutter countered this time! The path clear, tag to Rey, boot up, quebrada caught but Dom turns it into a tornado DDT, he’s the legal man, only one! Forearms, off the ropes, duck a lariat, sunset flip, Rey tags back in and hits a seated senton... NOPE!

Splashes in turn, both Mysterios on the cover... LASHLEY STILL KICKS OUT! Bob takes Rey out, Dominik dives right into the Hurt Lock...

Bobby Lashley wins by submission with the Hurt Lock on Dominik Mysterio.

Backstage, Big E is interviewed.

He says last night he let a lot of people down and he can’t blame Paul Heyman or the Usos, it’s on him. But tonight isn’t about wallowing in self-pity, because he has his hands full, quite literally, he’s hungry, don’t judge him. And tonight he’s got a title match against young, brash, and talented Austin Theory.

But he assures you, after he retains the title and leaves the Barclay’s Center, he’s going to be feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Damian Priest makes his entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Liv Morgan is interviewed backstage.

She says it’s bittersweet because yes Team Raw won, but—

Becky Lynch rolls up to correct the story and says Liv underdelivered again and was a loser on a team full of winners, and that takes her back to Money in the Bank, when everyone was rooting for Morgan and she got up to the top of the ladder, inches away from grabbing the contract but oh no somebody came and outshined her once again.

Lynch calls her an embarrassment and runs down everyone she’s embarrassing before mocking her for crying, and finally Liv drops her with a forearm.

Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez make their entrance.

Azeez demands that everyone stand and applaud his man Apollo.

Crews gets on the mic and crows about having found his true self through his great Nigerian heritage and how he’s more powerful than ever and he’s going to show the entire world that he’ll make a better champion.

Priest cuts him off and points out that we’re in New York and does his own posturing. Crews says it would be unfair for them to fight tonight, so he’s not taking it.

Enter Sami Zayn.

He says this is perfect and everyone gets to see that the conspiracy against him goes all the way to Vince McMahon and the top of WWE, and if Crews and Azeez aren’t taking the challenge, he’ll do it.

Damian Priest (c) vs. Sami Zayn (WWE United States Championship Open Challenge)

Zayn immediately bails and Priest follows, brawling him on the floor, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Zayn with a nearfall, reverse chinlock applied to try and grind him down. Priest with right hands into kicks, rolling elbow sends Sami into the corner, charging elbow, box the ears, short-arm lariat reversed into the Blue Thunder Driver... NOPE!

Headed up top, Damian cuts him off with a kick, Zayn with a sunset flip powerbomb... SO CLOSE! Right hands from Sami, Priest throws his own, rolling elbow, big boot caught, scoop lift into Reckoning, reversed, folding press, only two! Shinjiro Ohtani spinning wheel kick connects, Zayn’s on dream street, whip across and he bails to the floor!

Damian drags him back up to the apron and gets his neck snapped over the ropes, Sami chokes him over referee Danilo Anfibio’s complaints and goes and gets the title belt, slinging it over his shoulder to jaw at Priest and pieface him! Damian wakes up and gets mad and goes to that place!

Front kick, into the corner with wild punches, South of Heaven, drawing him back up...

Damian Priest wins by pinfall with Reckoning to retain the WWE United States Championship.

Austin Theory is interviewed backstage.

He shows off a selfie he took with Mr. McMahon and says he’s going to become the youngest WWE Champion in history tonight. No disrespect to Big E, he’s done a lot, but he’s the future and the future is right now, and he’s going to win the title.

Big E makes his entrance to send us to break.

Austin Theory vs. Big E (c) (WWE Championship)

Seth Rollins makes his entrance to observe this one from ringside.

Side headlock, shot off, Theory looking for a schoolboy early on, E destroys him with short-arm elbows, to the floor and now Kevin Owens makes his entrance. Back inside, Austin with a big leaping elbow, crossleg brainbuster on the knee... ONLY ONE! Theory off the ropes, dropkick sends E out to the floor between Rollins and Owens and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Theory laying elbows in, a short DDT, E explodes with the trifecta of belly-to-belly suplexes! Hip swivel, off the ropes, big splash connects! Putting Big into the turnbuckles, rolling thunder dropkick, E gets the corner Rock Bottom in return for a tight nearfall!

Rollins runs interference, Austin takes advantage with a rolling thunder neckbreaker, Seth and KO jaw at ringside while Theory watches and E recovers! Rollins takes his jacket off, Big is back on his feet...

Big E wins by pinfall with the Big Ending to retain the WWE Championship.

Rollins and Owens get into a shoving match but E comes out to the floor and throws Seth over the announce desk! Kev runs away in the ring but Rollins returns and eats a Big Ending!

E and KO jaw at each other while Seth recovers on the floor.

That’s the show, folks.

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