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NXT 2.0 is reportedly getting its first streaming special

Will it be called a TakeOver? We don’t know!

WWE loaded up last Tuesday’s Halloween Havoc episode of NXT, and rumors suggested there weren’t any TakeOver events on the schedule for the remainder of the year. So it seemed like the 2.0 rebrand that kicked off in September would take its time before hosting its first live streaming special.

Apparently not! Wrestlenomics Brandon Thurston was the first to report that NXT has a show tentatively planned for Sun., Dec. 5. WWE doesn’t have a main roster PPV scheduled for the month of December, so they can focus on 2.0’s first streaming special.

We’re not calling it the 37th TakeOver, because we don’t know if they’re sticking with that branding. Thurston asked his source if the Dec. 5 event would be a TakeOver, but didn’t get confirmation. While reporting the news on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer speculated they may want a new name to coincide with the new vision for NXT, even though it would “conceptually be the same thing as a TakeOver.”

Whatever they call it, they’d better start building to it. Including tonight’s episode, NXT has five shows between now and Dec. 5 - and they wrapped up (or at least provided possible end points) for most of their big championship programs last week.

Join us in our live blog and we’ll see if we get an announcement - and a name - tonight!

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