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Top Dolla responds to reports he rubbed people the wrong way in WWE

With Hit Row having just been called up to Friday Night SmackDown recently, it was especially surprising to see Top Dolla, Swerve Scott, and Asanthe Adonis among the list of the latest WWE talent releases. This just weeks after B-Fab, the only female member of the group, was cut by the company.

As it turns out, Top Dolla took issue with that and he believes that’s why there are now reports getting out from media outlets like the Wrestling Observer that he “rubbed people the wrong way” backstage:

The video he released that he speaks of in the second tweet is a rap song he put out in response to his getting cut, as well as what comes next for him. The report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter indicated he was seen as the star of the group and it was possible that his Scott and Adonis were just caught up in it when the decision was made to release him.

Reports of wrestlers being hard to work with are becoming the standard in this latest era of frequent talent releases, especially in regards to those who are willing to speak up. It happened with Bray Wyatt, and then Keith Lee, and now Top Dolla. It’s at least worth giving the side eye to said reports, considering the timing and circumstances.

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