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Tegan Nox, Top Dolla, Jaxson Ryker & Shane Thorne react to their WWE release

We haven’t seen a flood of reactions to the latest round of WWE releases. Perhaps the talent, like some fans, are becoming numb to the frequent “budget cuts”. Maybe the wrestlers who lost their jobs were better prepared, and the people still under contract to the company too worried about doing anything that could cause their phone to ring (or their email notification to sound) next time John Laurinaitis is spreading bad news.

But we do have a handful. They didn’t all get a retweet from John Cena, but that’s likely because only one comes close to the production values Drake Maverick/Rockstar Spud put into his.

Top Dolla, of course, has a rap about his release and next moves...

Tegan Nox simply wants to remind us that’s not her real name:

Jaxson Ryker is focusing on faith and family...

And the artist formerly known as SLAPJACK is keeping things in perspective:

A variety of reactions from four different people. We’ll see what’s next for each of them.

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