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John Cena praises Drake Maverick’s creative video response to his WWE release

WWE fired eight wrestlers last night. Former 24/7 champion Drake Maverick’s name was on the cut list. He must have seen this coming for a while given WWE’s staggering rate of releases this year, because Drake had a creative video response ready to go.

His video was interesting enough to draw attention and praise from former WWE top star John Cena. Check it out for yourself:

A distraught Maverick is confronted by himself in the video, who reminds him that no matter what silly thing WWE ever asked him to do, he always made it work. That’s because he is a success, and they can’t fire him from being a pro wrestler. So it’s time to pick himself up out of that chair and keep chasing his dreams, because there is so much more left to accomplish.

What do you think of Drake Maverick’s video response to his WWE release, Cagesiders?

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