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Taya Valkyrie has a blunt message for all wrestling fans following WWE’s latest roster cuts

With one week to go until Thanksgiving, WWE decided to show off their holiday spirit by firing eight wrestlers tonight (Nov. 18). This news comes after they fired 18 other wrestlers towards the beginning of November, just two weeks ago.

WWE’s bloodletting has reached staggering heights in 2021. Every time there is a round of roster cuts, the corporation cites budget cuts as the reason behind the decisions. WWE also has been touting record profit levels to its investors during much of the global pandemic, sometimes even bragging about their financials while also firing wrestlers on the very same night.

Taya Valkyrie (aka Franky Monet) was one of the 18 wrestlers who WWE fired two weeks ago, and her husband John Morrison was released tonight. After WWE fired him tonight, she didn’t beat around the bush when telling wrestling fans to stop supporting this evil greedy corporation that doesn’t care about the wrestlers or its fans.

Following the constant news of these releases, WWE’s disgusting relationship with the government of Saudi Arabia, banning or restricting their independently contracted wrestlers from engaging in deals with platforms like Twitch, etc., it’s easy to see why WWE has no goodwill left with a significant portion of wrestling fans.

And WWE doesn’t care one bit about that, so long as the television, Saudi, and Peacock money keeps rolling in.

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