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Miro is sick and tired of being labeled a ‘WWE guy’

All Elite Wrestling

During an interview on The Zaslow Show, Miro explained why it’s incorrect to use the “WWE guy” label to diminish certain wrestlers like him on the AEW roster.

“CM Punk and Bryan Danielson and me, and Mox, none of these guys, we’re not ‘WWE guys’, as everybody calls it. You know, these people been around the world way before WWE, so when somebody says ‘This guy is WWE’, that’s absolutely incorrect. God made me, not Vince McMahon. It was just a place to do professional wrestling because there [were] no other options. But now there’s plenty of other options, exciting options.”

Some wrestling fans have criticized AEW for either bringing in many former WWE wrestlers, or pushing some of those people ahead of wrestlers who have never been in WWE. While there is some risk involved in presenting a bunch of mid card or lower former WWE talent as suddenly big stars in AEW, this criticism has always been overblown to me.

WWE has been releasing a ton of ridiculously talented wrestlers over the last two years. The sheer number of firings is staggering, and AEW would be extremely foolish to ignore talented free agents just because they used to work for WWE. Fans of the New York Yankees should be irate if the Boston Red Sox cut one of their above average hitters but the Yankees didn’t even consider signing him simply because of the old uniform he wore. It would also be very dumb to sign the player but mostly bench him just because of his old uniform.

AEW should keep all options open for adding talent to the roster. One of the reasons why some of these wrestlers like Miro or Malakai Black end up leaving WWE is because WWE didn’t correctly evaluate their skills, so of course AEW should consider bringing them aboard.

Miro brings up the best point, though, which is that there were few big money options available for these wrestlers to ply their trade just a few years ago. Now that AEW has proven to be a successful company with a lot of money to throw around, it only makes sense that increased competition means plenty of wrestlers will look to make the move from WWE to AEW. Soon enough there will be wrestlers looking to move from AEW to WWE, as circumstances change.

Yes, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Miro, Jon Moxley, etc. are former WWE wrestlers, but that’s not inherently a bad thing in the way that some people use it in their criticisms of AEW’s product.

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