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Duke Hudson loses poker hand, cuts opponent’s hair

NXT 2.0 is really something, y’all.

We’ve wondered time and again what poker has to do with pro wrestling and the answer is absolutely nothing. That hasn’t stopped WWE from pushing right on ahead with it anyway, as they’re pot committed to getting this Duke Hudson character over.

That character, as it turns out, is a dude who is tremendously shitty at poker and also has an anger problem.

We found that out on this week’s episode of NXT, where Hudson went heads up with Cameron Grimes in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em right there in the middle of the ring. He got outplayed too, mostly on the strength of Grimes’ rampant ignorance of the game and insufferable attitude about it. There’s a charm to it if you’re on the outside, but Hudson was not, and so he was driven mad by being outmaneuvered by someone with no grasp of the rules of the game they were playing.

His response to losing a single hand of poker (he wasn’t even out of the game, mind you, he still had chips)?

A haircut!

I mean that literally:

He took a pair of scissors to that man’s beard, and then his hair, and what the hell even is going on anymore?!?

WarGames is right around the corner, where they’ll presumably settle this over a game of Go Fish.

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