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Big E’s very convincing argument why The New Day should never face each other in a Triple Threat

Even though WWE has split The New Day in the Draft for two years running, Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods have been very clear that they never want to actually break up and start feuding with one another.

But with Survivor Series and its “this stuff rarely means anything but this time it’s really just for show” approach to matchmaking upon us, could we ever see a New Day Triple Threat as a one-off? Like an exhibition or something?

Based on the answer E gave RN Pro Wrestling’s Scott Warren in London on WWE’s recent United Kingdom tour...

“No. No, no, no. We’ve talked about this before, and I think we’d be giggling the whole time. Imagine me putting in a headlock on Kofi. I would just be laughing, like, ‘Kofi, I got you in a headlock. Isn’t this funny?’

“Exactly [it would be like fighting with your brother]. No, no, no. Like there’s so many other things we can do as a collective together against other people. You don’t — no one — we don’t really want to see that.”

It’s a never say never business, of course. But you have to imagine even Vince McMahon won’t push this idea if he knows the wrestlers are going to giggle there way through it.

Although if he ever changes his mind, a “first man to laugh loses” match could be fun... but also, let’s just not make The New Day wrestle each other!

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