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Ric Flair seems to be excited to watch his daughter shoot on Becky Lynch at Survivor Series

After Becky Lynch’s promo on her Survivor Series opponent Charlotte Flair during Raw last night (Nov. 15), Flair’s father Ric tweeted about it. Then he deleted that, and retweeted the same thing 20 minutes later.

Don’t ask me to explain the ways of the Nature Boy. Anyway, here’s what the Hall of Famer had to say. Both times.

First, he mocks a line from Lynch used on Raw: “And Charlotte Flair, if you still don’t remember who I am? This Sunday, I’m gonna be the person who beats the everlovin’ piss out of you.”

The rest, in Naitch’s favorite Title Case style, plays into the recent instances where his daughter’s works turned into shoots (with maybe a little detour into residual hard feelings over his trademark battle with The Man over “The Man”).

It’s a little late era WCW, acknowledging the scripted nature of pro wrestling to insinuate this match will be different. And as D-Von Dudley said after things got real between The Queen and Nia Jax on Raw back in September, you can’t fake this kind of heat, so you might as well use it.

Does Ric’s take get you more excited for our latest Charlotte vs. Becky match this Sunday (Nov. 20) in Brooklyn?

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