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Becky Lynch makes it personal with Charlotte Flair

With just one episode of Monday Night Raw left before Survivor Series, Becky Lynch only had one more chance to promote her match against Charlotte Flair in just six nights in Brooklyn. This was also her chance to respond to Flair’s prom on Friday Night SmackDown this past week.

She decided to dig deep and make it personal in a way they haven’t ever done before.

The long and short of it: they were best friends once, and Lynch was always there for her, until she realized that being there for her would always mean being kept in the background. Lynch’s decision to slap the taste out of her mouth directly led to her catapulting herself to the top, as she became the biggest star not long after and hasn’t looked back since. Flair, meanwhile, doesn’t even like herself anymore because she’s so insecure about her own place in the pecking order.

It was a powerful promo, and one that makes clear that no matter what happens at Survivor Series, they should be revisiting this one at a much bigger show down the road.

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