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The Undertaker has multiple surgeries lined up

The Undertaker appeared on The Ticket Sports Radio while promoting next year’s two night WrestleMania 38 extravaganza.

During this interview, he talked about being retired and how much he misses performing in a WWE ring:

“I miss performing in front of our live audiences, especially around WrestleMania time...I was very blessed to have a very long career where I was active for so many years, but the body can only take so much and deliver so much. For me, I realized at the last WrestleMania that I did that my time had come.”

He cares about preserving the legacy of the character, so unless it’s a Pitbull concert in Saudi Arabia, don’t count on seeing too much of the Dead Man persona going forward:

“Unless it’s a very special kind of event, I’m gonna kind of let that character rest and let the legacy of it live in people’s memories. Mark Calaway will always be the Undertaker, it’s just now that you’re gonna get a little bit more insight on the Undertaker from Mark Calaway, if that makes sense.”

Pro wrestling can be a physically punishing career on the human body, and Undertaker is still paying the price for all the years he spent on the road and in the ring. He revealed that he has multiple surgeries coming up soon:

“So I have, both my hips are partial hip replacements already. I need a right knee, so I have surgeries lined up. I just, I gotta wait until hunting season is over...”

Even with all the injuries he sustained throughout his career and his current retirement, do you think there’s a chance The Undertaker will get physically involved at WrestleMania 38 in his home state of Texas next year?

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