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Brock Lesnar is returning to WWE much sooner than expected

Brock Lesnar lost against Roman Reigns in a Universal championship match at last month’s Crown Jewel 2021 event. WWE needed to find a way to write Brock off television for a while because of his high-paying limited dates contract, and so they went back to the well-visited path of indefinitely suspending him. They fined Brock one million dollars just for good measure, or maybe because Adam Pearce is now Dr. Evil.

The assumption underlying all of those decisions is that Lesnar won’t be back on television until it’s time to build up to a match at Royal Rumble 2022 in January. But this tweet from the Staples Center sure makes it sound like Lesnar is returning to WWE television in four weeks on Dec. 10:

This particular episode of SmackDown in Los Angeles has been the topic of some interesting rumors over the last few months. One such rumor claims WWE decided to appease the FOX network by booking the Staples Center for SmackDown instead of Raw.

Whether that’s true or not, the bottom line is that tickets need to be sold for this event, and Brock Lesnar is being announced ahead of time to serve that purpose. Hell, he’s apparently such a mark for himself that he’s buying one of the tickets.

Paul Heyman inadvertently advocated for Brock in a backstage segment on a recent episode of SmackDown, and the ongoing questions about Paul’s loyalty to Roman Reigns will no doubt continue to be the focus of whatever angle WWE conjures up for the Dec. 10 episode of SmackDown.

Are you excited to see suspended Brock Lesnar back on WWE television for at least one night next month, Cagesiders?

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