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Xavier Woods reportedly makes ‘little to nothing’ from UpUpDownDown

More on the holdout that’s stopped work on WWE’s popular YouTube channel.

Yesterday, Fightful Select posted a report about why its been three weeks since any substantial new content has been posted to WWE’s popular YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown. As mentioned in our latest Rumor Roundup, it’s because the channel’s content creators are holding out in an effort to get WWE to give the channel’s founder and main host Austin Creed/Xavier Woods a larger slice of the financial pie.

While many fans assumed UpUpDownDown was Woods’ channel, during the ongoing flap about WWE instituting new policies about talent engaging with third party platforms like Twitch & Cameo over the past year, he clarified that the company owned the channel. The current issue is that Xavier’s co-stars and collaborators on UpUpDownDown believe the channel’s success is largely due to his efforts to grow the subscriber base and get new people involved in content production. As such, they believe he should be monetarily rewarded for that.

So what is Woods making from UpUpDownDown? In an update to their original report, Fightful Select says “little to nothing.” Whatever money he does see from both UpUpDownDown and his new gig as a host on the rebooted G4 television channel are said to be applied toward the downside guarantee on his contract (this is the amount the company is obligated to pay a talent regardless of how variables such as gate/PPV revenue or merchandise sales play out over the term of the deal).

Woods started the holdout in an effort to get a better deal for himself, with others joining him to show solidarity. This is not believed to be the end of the channel, and content is expected to flow again once the “situation was rectified.” There is said to be no heat on Woods for his actions, as evidenced by the fact his King of the Ring win & the start of his feud with Universal champion Roman Reigns happened since work stopped on UpUpDownDown.

Also worth noting that WWE recently announced their first Superstar Gaming Challenge special in almost year. Woods is co-hosting the stream on the company’s main YouTube channel with Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez this Thursday (Nov. 11).

We’ll keep you up to date on how this plays out, Cagesiders.

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