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Raw ratings down thanks to record low third hour

WWE’s YouTube

Raw’s numbers were down this week. Viewership across the show’s three hours came in at 1.549 million. That’s an 8% drop from the Nov. 1 episode. The .40 average rating among 18 - 49 year old represented an almost 15% week-to-week drop.

While WWE’s latest Monday night offering never exceeded what Raw had done the last couple weeks, the Nov. 8 numbers were dragged down by a dismal third hour. Wrestling Observer points out the demo rating in the 10pm ET block that featured Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens was the worst in Raw’s history. The overall audience number for this week’s third hour tied for worst ever for the show.

Here are those hourly numbers:

Hour One: 1.654 million / .44
Hour Two: 1.621 million / .43
Hour Three: 1.373 million / .34

ESPN’s Monday Night Football and related coverage were the only things that finished ahead of Raw on cable. The game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears looked fairly one-sided until getting very close in the fourth quarter, so that could account for the channel switching. Without hourly breakdowns on MNF’s 12 million viewers and 3.45 demo rating, it’s impossible to know.

Hopefully that is the case, though - because otherwise it doesn’t say much about the Rollins/Owens match WWE promoted all week. We’ll see how Raw does next Monday for the Survivor Series go home.

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Numbers via Showbuzz Daily

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