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Look at Damian Priest’s gross stomach after a bunch of kendo stick shots

The following is graphic material not suitable for all ages. Or maybe it is, I don’t know. It’s pretty gnarly either which way:

That’s courtesy of T-BAR and a kendo stick that he literally broke over Damian Priest’s stomach during their match on Monday Night Raw this week. The idea was to keep getting over this new character Priest is portraying, a nice guy who has a “Damian inside me,” as he puts it. When you do things like viciously attack him repeatedly with a kendo stick, leaving visible marks like what you see above, that’s liable to bring that Damian out.

It’s a bit goofy, sure, but he actually plays it fairly well. He’s got a cool vibe to him, with enough swag to make it work for him. I’m not exactly sure how far they can take it when he snaps out on folks but this is working for him for now.

Seriously, though, that stomach is disgusting.

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