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Becky Lynch bests Bianca Belair yet again

Becky Lynch first returned to WWE months ago, surprising everyone at SummerSlam when she showed up in place of Sasha Banks to challenge Bianca Belair for the SmackDown women’s championship. She won the title in just 26 seconds using a cheap shot to get the drop on Belair.

It’s been a months long effort to get to the two having a straight up singles match, fair and square, with the title on the line. They switched brands, moving over to Monday Night Raw in the draft, and finally got their singles match to kick off this week’s episode. It was presented like it would be the definitive end to their feud.

It was once again Lynch who came out ahead.

It was crafty how they did it.

They were given the first 30 minutes of the broadcast and had themselves one hell of a match. It seemed to be building to Belair finally winning big but when Bianca got Becky up on her shoulders near the corner, the champ grabbed the top turnbuckle and tore it off. She dropped off the other side, pushed Belair into it, and then rolled her up, grabbing a fistful of tights in the process, for the three count.

That’s just the way it goes.

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