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WWE brings back the best Taker for WrestleMania 38 On-Sale Party

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The wrestling hill I’m willing to die on? Well, it probably doesn’t exist... I ain’t losing my life over folks play-fighting in various stages of undress. But in the spirit that phrase is generally used, it’s this...

Biker Taker is the best Taker.

I used to say “Heel Biker Taker”, but the Boneyard Match convinced me that it doesn’t matter what alignment Big Evil is. Give Mark Callaway a bandana & a cut, let him talk trash while kicking somebody’s ass, and I’m a happy mark.

Now, it’s unlikely he’ll do much ass kicking next Wednesday (Nov. 10) at AT&T Stadium. But you never know. He could definitely talk some trash. And if WWE’s announcement of the WrestleMania 38 On-Sale Party is any indication, he’ll be dressed right should he decide to do either...

The talent list for this event (which is subject to change) is something else: Big E, Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H., Reggie, Doudrop, Street Profits, Dana Brooke, Jimmy Hart, and Undertaker. If you’re in the Metroplex, it might be worth swinging by. If you’re not, tickets for next spring’s ‘Mania will be available to the public on Fri., Nov. 12, and you don’t need to go to Arlington, Texas to get them.

The best version of the Phenom won’t be on though, so...

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