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Tony Khan won’t be going full Eric Bischoff

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When WWE announced a “Supersized” episode of Friday Night SmackDown on FS1 next week, revealing the show would run for 2-and-a-half hours, AEW President Tony Khan was ready with a response. The fact that WWE’s flagship program would be competing directly with AEW Rampage couldn’t go without some comment, right?

All he did, really, was welcome the challenge.

He walked that remark back just a tad in his follow up, but it’s clear Khan is all about the spirit of competitiveness, if only because he recognizes the benefits it has for his business. In fact, that’s part of the model:

That said, there’s a fine line to walk with this kind of thing. One of the aforementioned errors WCW made was focusing too much on its rivalry with WWE. To that end, Khan has also made clear he won’t go as far as Eric Bischoff once did:

Legitimate competition is something WWE has long needed, and AEW is giving it to them. We should all welcome Khan’s zest to rise to the challenge that is competing with Vince McMahon and WWE.