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Becky Lynch with the best reaction to her creepy new entrance graphic

If the 21st century has taught us anything, it’s that just because we have the technology to do something, it doesn’t mean we should.

Mostly that premise applies to the internet, but in our little pro wrestling bubble, it also works for some of WWE’s graphics. We’ve gotten used to it by now, but the giant CGI Roman Reigns “oooh-ahhh”-ing above the ramp while the Tribal Chief makes his entrance is pretty weird.

We haven’t gotten used to what’s now hovering around the stage when Becky Lynch walks out, though. It’s a giant version of The Man’s head, her hair flowing in the... wind, I guess? The CGI Becky has a big smile as she takes off her oversized shades. Lynch’s latest nickname is there, too. The sunglasses say “Big Time”, and the word “Becks” flashes in green script next to her teeth.

Weird, right? Don’t take my word for it. Big Time Becks’ reaction says it all.

When your Twitter game incorporates memes of yourself, you really are big time.

Could we find a way to convey that that isn’t disembodied, one-eyed face straight out of the uncanny valley, though?

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