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Iowa alum Big E fires up the crowd before big game against Penn State

FOX College Football’s Twitter

Big E isn’t just your WWE champion. He’s also a proud Iowa Hawkeye.

Injuries cut his football career in Iowa City short, but he did graduate from the University before starting his powerlifting career - and eventually joining the world of pro wrestling sports entertainment.

So with the Hawkeyes ranked third in the country, and getting ready to face Big 10 rival & fourth-ranked Penn State at home, the folks at FOX brought in our guy Large Epsilon for the pre-game show. He even got a little highlight package - look at that tackle by young Ettore Ewen!

But our little baby’s all growns up. And you know nobody was sour when he was done...

Especially not former 24/7 champion Rob Stone, who apparently shares E’s love of big meaty men.

The champ also had a very Big E-like prediction for Hawkeyes/Nittany Lions:

His appearance on FOX, and an Iowa win, are probably the highlights of Big E’s return to campus. But I bet the reunion with his favorite burrito spot is right up there.

E-pic* stuff.

* Get it?!?! I feel like E would appreciate that joke

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