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Bianca Belair knows who she’d pick to join her stable

If a certain Boss could just be a team player...

Maybe Bianca Belair could have used some back-up at SummerSlam? Probably not... with a little prep time and/or better booking, The EST probably could have handled Becky Lynch on her own. We’ll find out later this month when she tries to get her SmackDown Women’s title back from The Man at Crown Jewel.

That Oct. 21 match in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia poses a different challenge. It’s a Triple Threat that will also involve Belair’s WrestleMania 37 dance partner, Sasha Banks. Not only does that add a variable to Bianca’s quest to regain the title, it’s an obstacle to the stable she’d put together if she was on the WWE creative team.

Because as Belair told Hindustan Times, if she was creating a faction for herself, Sasha would be in it.

“I think, if we can all get along - me, Sasha and Naomi will be a great faction. We would mesh really well. We could work really work together. I just can’t trust Sasha right now. So, we cannot create this faction right now. But I have seen on social media as well, that they want this faction. I think it would be cool. But I don’t know if it would ever be possible, because we just cannot seem to get on the same page.”

So, Team B.A.D. with Bianca instead of Tamina? All love & respect to the former WWE Women’s Tag champ, but you can’t say that’s not an upgrade. I’d be interested in that group.

Let us know what you think about The EST’s stable. And check out her interview with HT, where she talks about the upcoming Crown Jewel match, who she’s rooting for in Queen’s Crown, and how much she loves wrestling Rhea Ripley, here.

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