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The Rock’s got bars on new Tech N9ne track, but it’s not his first rap song

Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram

Yesterday (Oct. 7), Dwayne Johnson smartened us up about his latest project. The Rock has a verse on “Face Off”, a song on Tech N9ne’s new album Asin9ne.

The Great One has the last lines on the track, which also features King Iso and Joey Cool. He plugs his Teremana tequila in the song’s closing seconds, and ties the whole thing into the launch of a new “Outlaw Mana” collection from his Under Armour line of merchandise. Can’t knock the hustle.

Rocky comes in at around the 2:57 mark...

Sounds good. Definitely something you can clang & bang to, which DJ says was a goal - to create the “greatest workout anthem ever”.

It is not, as Rock says, his “first rap song”. Because even if we don’t count his work with Wyclef Jean on 2000’s “It Doesn’t Matter”, which we probably shouldn’t since Johnson doesn’t really do anything but say one of his catchphrases repeatedly...

... there’s still the matter of his contribution to WWF The Music, Vol. 5. The Rock would probably like us to forget “Pie”, though. It’s not the only thing from The Attitude Era that hasn’t aged well, but there’s definitely one or two things on that collaboration with Slick Rick that Johnson may have to address if he really does run for President someday.

Let us know what you think of Rock’s “Face Off” verse.

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