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Braun Strowman’s WWE release sent him ‘into a pretty bad place’

WWE’s decision to release Braun Strowman in June was one of their most shocking roster cuts of the last couple years. Strowman had just competed for the WWE championship on the WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-view event in May, defeated Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 37 the month before that, and was one of the established main event level stars in the promotion.

During an interview on Control Your Narrative, Strowman touched on depression, anger, and rage, and how WWE’s decision took its toll on him:

“It’s scary, still. I’m not gonna lie. [I] kind of put all my eggs in one basket there for quite a long time. And the basket got thrown away.”

“Did it end how I wanted it to? Of course not. And...I’ve been hearing it a ton. ‘Well you said you’d never wrestle again when you were done with WWE.’ Well, I was forced to be done. I said I would never wrestle for another company when I took my boots off for WWE. I never took my boots off. I never had an opportunity to put them back on to come back to work. And I ain’t gonna lie, it sent me into a pretty bad place.”

Strowman explains that he’s grateful for everything he accomplished in WWE and that it was a blast working there. But it consumed his entire life, so now he’s trying to make up for lost time with family and friends, and remember who he is.

He also mentioned that all the three letter companies have reached out to him, which is a popular thing to say these days.

Which three letter company do you hope to see Braun sign with when the time is right?

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