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‘Brock Lesnar clone’ Parker Boudreaux debuts on NXT with new look, name

As Harland, he’s not a Brock Lesnar clone any more.

WWE and its fans have been intrigued by Parker Boudreaux since before the collegiate football player from Florida even signed with the company. Partly that’s because Boudreaux showed a pro wrestler’s knack for self-promotion while still on the roster as an offensive linemen for the University of Central Florida (UCF) Knights. Mostly, it’s because he looks a lot like Brock Lesnar.

Or, we should say he looked a lot like Brock Lesnar. Because Boudreaux debuted on the Oct. 5 edition of NXT, and he’s rocking a different look...

As you can see from the Twitter handle there, Parker also has his WWE name. And he won’t have to worry about losing any of it when he gets to the main roster, because he’s already only got the one: Harland.

And as you can see from that tweet (and the clip in Boudreaux’s), it seems he’ll be working in some capacity with Joe Gacy. Gacy’s working the “woke” heel gimmick that caught the eye of right wing media outlets a few weeks back. It’s not clear if Harland is there to invade Gacy’s safe space, or protect it - but we should find out in the weeks to come.

Until then, thoughts on Boudreaux’s new name and look?

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